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The Facilities

Llantarnam Archery Club are fortunate to have access to a range of facilities and equipment for all abilities and styles of archery.

Rougemont outdoors.jfif

Rougemont School

Regular club shoots are held at Rougemont School. During the summer months, the team have access to a large rugby field for outdoor shoots, or an astroturf pitch if the weather is less cooperative.

Both locations have a nearby lockup for equipment storage.

During the indoor season we move to the school's sports hall, again benefitting from nearby equipment storage and also heating!

Both locations have plenty of parking and nearby toilets.

Rougemont indoors.jfif

Panteg Sportsgrounds

Club members also benefit from open access to the training area at Panteg, located next to the cricket grounds.

While not being used by the local football team, the area is free to use by members* with a lockup for equipment nearby.

The cricket grounds is also occasionally used for competitions with facilities to suit.

Members must have passed their beginner's course. A minimum group size of two members is required for safety and setup purposes - please notify the group via the Facebook Messenger chat - contact Debbie for access.

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