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Archery Board

About Us

We are a friendly archery club, with a large variety of members shooting barebow, recurve or compound, with a few traditional/longbows thrown in for good measure!

Our Comittee


In 1976 Llantarnam Archery Club was “born”. Over  forty (40) years later the club and membership is as strong as ever, with a healthy waiting list ready to introduce people from the local and wider community to what is known as “the sport for all”-the sport of Archery. The longevity of the club has been due to the dedication and passion of its members who believe in, and constantly encourage, an ethos of participation, enjoyment and performance.

The performance aspect of Llantarnam Archery Club is well known and revered throughout Wales (and further afield), as it has produced an array of talented and successful archers and coaches. These, in turn, and by their achievements, inspire others to Llantarnam Archery Club members have represented Wales on a regular basis, Junior and Senior Teams for as long as the club has existed. The club is looked upon to supply Team Managers, National Judges and Coaches to further the progression of the sport in Wales; such is the depth of knowledge and professionalism here on our very doorstep.


Llantarnam Archers have held (and still hold) numerous Welsh, National, European and World records-in both Indoor, Outdoor and in Field disciplines, travelling and competing all over the country  every weekend of the year. Closer to home, the club runs regular competitions which range from “fun shoots”, through to Welsh County and National Championships and on to World Record Status competitions that see archers from all over the UK participate.

In the last ten years alone, the club has seen a number of its’ members compete at the highest level of the sport; Wales at the Beijing, London and Rio Paralympics.

Grass Roots

Youth is always the future of any club and Llantarnam recognises this. There is a strong Cadet and Junior element to the club, ages range from 10-16 and shooting takes place across all levels of ability. Enjoyment is high on the agenda and the numerous social activities and fundraising arranged add to the strong sense of belonging and responsibility the archers at the club feel not only towards Llantarnam but the challenges affecting society as a whole.​


Llantarnam is many things to its’ members, “grass roots” enjoyment and participation stand alongside the insight and support available for those at the outeredge of “elite” performance and preparation.  We, at Llantarnam Archery Club are not only very proud of our heritage, but excited by what the future potentially holds for us in respect of continued growth and achievement within the community, Wales and UK as a whole.

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