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Llantarnam Archery Club

Est 1976. Rougemont Based. Open to all!


Join us

We're always welcoming new faces.

Before you can become a member of any archery club you will need to complete a 3 week, 2  hour per session course. 

About us

in 1976 Llantarnam Archery Club was “born”. Over  forty (40) years later the club and membership is as strong as ever, with a healthy waiting list ready to introduce people from the local and wider community to what is known as “the sport for all”-the sport of Archery. 


18.00 - 20.00pm
12.30 - 15.30pm 


While we shoot year-round at Rougemont School, we run an indoor season in the school's sports hall, and then move outdoors for the warmer and brighter months either shooting on astroturf or the large rugby field.

Outdoor season: April - September

Indoor season: October - March

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